Toward a future from the forest.
Throughout its 400-year history,Sumitomo has treasured the forest,and this is the spirit upon which it has grown.Respect the diversity of life dwelling on this precious planet.There is so much we can learn from the different forms of life co-living in the forest.We humans heading toward the future are also a piece of that nature.Let’s set off on a journey from the 2025 Sumitomo Pavilion and venture into a bright future where people, forest,and all living things resonate and live in harmony.

Sumitomo Pavilion Symbol Mark

Sumitomo, like its growth founded upon the Besshi Copper Mine, has continued to grow like a diverse forest.Each company of the group will come together with strength in the pavilion to become a single seed.This seed will be sowed in the hearts of each visitor and ripen with infinite possibilities for the future.This symbol shows how a “forest” shaped like an exclamation mark will start here and continue to spread wonder and excitement across nature, people, and societies now and into the future.

Architectural Design of the Sumitomo Pavilion

The design of the Sumitomo Pavilion is inspired by the “peaks of Besshi mountains in Shikoku, Japan”, the foundation of Sumitomo’s growth, and features a silhouette of its mountain wide shape.
Trees from the “Forests of Sumitomo”, owned by the Sumitomo Group, will be used throughout the pavilion architecture construction. Based on the concept of “valuing each life, one tree at a time”,
To Face Each Life