Let’s set off venture
into a bright future

Touch the trees passed onto us from the past.
Discover "stories of life" that can only be found in this forest.
Everyone's wishes will travel decades and centuries and connect with the future.
We will create a chance for people to shift their focus to forests and nature and experience the importance of envisioning the future.


West Gate Zone
East Gate Zone
The images are for illustrative purposes only. The layout and building shapes may differ in part from the actual Expo site.


A story of life that is yet to be discovered

The Sumitomo Pavilion will present, “UNKNOWN FOREST, Stories Waiting to be Discovered”. Sumitomo, throughout its time spent with the forest, has uncovered its various values to present. Here in this forest, people will discover “UNKNOWN” stories of life that have gone unheard, unseen, and overlooked until now.

A forest that embraces a diversity of life. It is a place that is home to vibrant life bursting with uniqueness and the joy of celebrating diversity. We hope to speak through this experience in the UNKNOWN FOREST about the values and the teachings that could only be told by a forest.



Sumitomo Pavilion beyond time and around again.

Trees planted in 1970, the year of the Osaka Expo. Trees planted further in the past by our ancestors; trees that have grown through time, will greet us in 2025 as the Sumitomo Pavilion.

Visitors are also welcome to join "reforestation" activities that will help to shape the future beyond 2025. Trees planted by everyone, including the children of tomorrow, will grow for decades and centuries and will too transcend time, into the future.

The engagement with the Sumitomo Forest, passed on from the past, will transform into an experience where people can address forests and nature, and continue to cherish the preciousness of thinking to the future.

Plant a Tree