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  • We announce the “Sumitomo Pavilion” in Tokyo and Osaka.

We announce the “Sumitomo Pavilion” in Tokyo and Osaka.

Hello, this is the Sumitomo Pavilion.
In this report, we will cover the contents of the Private Pavilion Concept Presentation held in Tokyo and Osaka.

The concept presentation is an event to clarify what the private pavilions at the Osaka-Kansai Expo will be like. It was held in Tokyo on October 4, 2023, and in Osaka on October 27, 2023. Hiroshi Saijo, the head of the Sumitomo EXPO2025 Promotion Committee, represented the Sumitomo Pavilion and presented on the exhibition content and the "plant-a-tree experience"

Architectural Design

The first thing you'll notice is the roof shape, which represents a silhouette of mountains in a row. This architectural design is inspired by “peaks of Besshi mountains in Shikoku, Japan”, which are the foundation of Sumitomo's growth. For construction, we utilized wood from the "Forests of Sumitomo" owned by the group, processing it into plywood to make full use of the wood. This approach was reached after extensive discussions, driven by our desire to value each and every tree.

Symbol Mark

Sumitomo, which has grown like a forest nurturing diverse life on the foundation of the Besshi Copper Mines, is symbolized here. A single seed born from the unity of the group companies is planted in the hearts of the visitors, representing growth into the future. We developed this mark hoping that a "forest" shaped like an exclamation mark would spread wonder and excitement around the world from here.

Exhibition Experience

The Sumitomo Pavilion will present an exhibition experience titled "UNKNOWN FOREST: Stories Waiting to be Discovered." Sumitomo, with its 400-year history of engagement with forests, has discovered various values in them. The Sumitomo Pavilion is a place where visitors can encounter life stories that have been overlooked until now. We hope to convey the value and lessons of the forest here.

With only 503 days left until Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai opens, we are steadily preparing for the day we can meet you all!