Creator Collaboration|YOHEI OHNO

Creator Collaboration|YOHEI OHNO

Hello from the Sumitomo Pavilion!
At the Sumitomo Pavilion, collaboration projects with various creators are underway.

This time, we are announcing a collaboration with YOHEI OHNO.

YOHEI OHNO is a brand that explores new shapes and lifestyles for people in the future through a free usage of materials and a form approach that is not bound by tradition, based on the concept of ‘unique shaping and practicality’ and inspired by art, architecture, sculpture and products from the East and the West.

YOHEI OHNO Autumn/Winter 2024 collection at SEN-OKU HAKUKOKAN MUSEUM Tokyo

In March 2024, Mr. Ohno unveiled his own brand “YOHEI OHNO” Autumn/Winter 2024 collection at SEN-OKU HAKUKOKAN MUSEUM Tokyo. The collection was impressive with set-ups with attractive flowing fabric movement, beautifully draped dresses, and asymmetrical dresses. 

After the show, Mr. Ohno announced that he would be designing the attendant uniforms for the Sumitomo Pavilion.

”Designing uniforms was one of the challenges I wanted to take on in my own career as a fashion designer. I was given the great opportunity to design the attendant uniforms for the Sumitomo Pavilion. I also sympathized with the Sumitomo Pavilion's goal of creating hope for the future, and I wanted to give form to that wish, so I accepted this project.”


He started his education at Bunka Fashion College to acquire fundamental pattern cutting and sewing skills. After winning a scholarship to study at Nottingham Trent University, he moved to the UK and presented his graduate collection in London in 2014. Back in Japan he launched his own label, YOHEI OHNO in the end of 2014, and debuted with his fall 2015 collection.
Ohno continually creates pieces in a unique way that is not restricted by the traditions of dressmaking, drawing inspiration from anything that is not in a form of clothing such as art, architecture and everyday objects.

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