The Hidden Meanings Behind Our Roof

The Hidden Meanings Behind Our Roof

Hello from the Sumitomo Pavilion!
A distinctive feature of the Sumitomo Pavilion is the shape of its roof showcasing a curved surface using a series of straight lines.
This design is inspired by the silhouette of the Besshi Mountains in Shikoku.
What are the meanings behind these designs?

Located in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture, the Besshi Mountains was once one of Japan's leading copper mines.
Many of the Sumitomo Group's businesses originated from this Besshi Copper Mine, which operated for approximately 300 years.
From copper mining and smelting to construction, machinery industry, and forestry, to the chemical industry born from environmental measures of the copper mine, businesses expanded into metals, electric wires, telecommunications, and finance, forming the foundation of the Sumitomo Group.

During the Meiji era, excessive logging and smoke pollution from copper mine development led to the deterioration of the mountains.
However, a century of reforestation efforts to regain the greenery has made the Besshi Mountains and its forests something very special for the group.
The Sumitomo Pavilion's roof, representing the peaks of Besshi, symbolizes the business spirit of considering not only our interests but also the environment and public benefit, as presented in the philosophy of "mutual prosperity and public and private interests as one."

At the Expo 2025 construction site in Yumeshima, Osaka, just like trees in a forest grow, the pavilion is taking shape day by day.

We look forward to the day we can meet you all at the Sumitomo Pavilion.